Building Your Pool

Building your new pool takes numerous steps, each one an important part of the process. Before construction begins, we will work with you on design and features and assist in getting all the necessary permits. We will also work with your HOA to make sure your experience is as easy as possible.

What to Expect

There are about 11 steps to the pool construction phase. There are also several inspections throughout the process. On average construction time is 3 to 6 weeks from the time we start to dig the pool till the final inspection is completed on your pool. We make sure to make the construction procedure as pleasant as possible and clean up after every day of work.

  1. Layout, Dig and Steel the Pool
    First we lay the pool out with stakes with you to make sure the pool is to your liking.  This is where changes can be made to the design. Once the desired shape and location are approved, we finish the layout with more stakes and 2’x4’s. Next we start digging the pool stacking the dirt up around the pool perimeter. Once the digging is complete, we steel the pool with rebar 1 ft  on center. Then we install the main drains and light niche and any plumbing that needs to be done before gunite.
  2. Gunite Shell is Installed
    Gunite is a sprayed on application that is hand carved to your pool specs. You will then be able to see what your pool will look like at this stage.
  3. Dirt Removal
    We haul the dirt away from the job and remove all the forms that we installed to form up the pool shell.
  4. Plumbing
    We install all the jets and plumbing for the pool and equipment. The plumbing will be pressure tested at this stage to check for any leaks.
  5. Tile
    We install all the waterline tile to the pool shell wall.
  6. Decking
    We layout the pool deck whether it is concrete , pavers or travertine. If it is concrete it will be textured after the pool deck is poured. If it is pavers or travertine we will have to bring in road base and pack it with a compactor.  Then the pavers will be installed.
  7. Electric
    A licensed electrician will install all the wiring for the pool equipment from your breaker panel.
  8. Screen Enclosure
    If you have chose to screen your pool area, it will be installed at this time.
  9. Plaster/Pool Surface
    We clean out the pool and set up any mosaic tiles at this time. Then the plaster pool surface (Diamond Brite or Pebble Tech) is installed by hand. The pool will begin to fill at this time.
  10. Final Grade
    Final clean up is done at this time and grading of your yard to remove any ruts we may have made during construction.
  11. Pool School
    We show you how to operate, and use your pool equipment , test your water, and vacuum your pool. Now you can enjoy your backyard oasis.

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